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                                 Plastic Recyclers Australia

was formally established in 1999 out of a desire to seek a commercial solution to the disposal of waste plastic that would otherwise be dumped in landfill and use that waste to create a quality recycled plastic product.

We are a Private Company made up of a number of Shareholders who all share a common interest in preserving and protecting our Environment.

Plastic Recyclers Factory Plastic Recyclers Factory
Plastic Recyclers Factory

Our Factory is located in Port Pirie, South Australia, about 225 kilometres north of Adelaide. The site is owned by Plastic Recyclers. Port Pirie is a thriving large regional city situated in what is known as the " Iron Triangle " incorporating Whyalla and Port Augusta. Port Pirie is a hub for transport which makes it perfect for moving product to our clients all over the country.

The Administration and Sales office for Plastic Recycled Products Pty Ltd is located at Cavan some 8 kilometres north of  Adelaide( SA ). We are not a shop or showroom at Cavan but are happy to discuss our products on site by appointment but please contact our office first. ( 08 8359 7827 )

On this website you will note that you have the option to contact our sales office at Cavan direct  on 08 359 7827, engage with our agents interstate, purchase through an online store run by our associates " Wallcann " ( call 1300 799 455, link to them is throughout this site or email to support@wallcann.com ) or simply send us a contact form outlining your project- the choice is yours. Whatever you choose there will be someone waiting for your response. Without question 2016 is the year to consider purchasing a quality recycled plastic product whether it be for domestic or commercial use.


Our Company Profile

Plastic Recycled Products Pty Ltd
Factory direct manufacturers and distributors of Recycled Plastic products.

Company Profile:
Plastic Recycled Products Pty Ltd is an independent company that was established in November 2015 with a view to producing quality Australian made recycled plastic products. Our products are 100 per cent solid, u/v stabilised, recycled plastic which differentiates us from other manufacturers. They are manufactured with a unique textured charcoal finish that makes them the perfect outdoor alternative to those products that in the past have been made from timber and concrete, We pride ourselves in delivering superior customer service both pre and post delivery and we work closely together with our clients whether they are: Federal, State, Local council, Landscapers or individuals to meet their specific needs.

Products and Services:
Bollards are our specialty and we have a very extensive range of 100 per cent solid recycled plastic Bollards all with domed, pyramid or bevelled tops. Our Bollards are square, round, rectangular or bevelled and all come with the added option of collars. Our post and rail bollard is particularly sought after.

Please note that all our products are solid recycled plastic , are not hollow and do not contain fillers that could adversely affect the integrity of a product. They are an Australian manufactured product

In addition garden and playground edging, car park wheel stops, replacement slats for seating, posts, stakes, raised gardens, outdoor tables and seating and more complex industrial type products (such as bale frames, pipe supports, bearers and wheel chocks) ensure that whatever your project, we have the solution for you. A range of composite (recycled plastic enhanced with wood fibre) products are also available.

Recent Projects:
Stirling Council, WA; Tea Tree Gully Council, SA; Department of the Environment and Conservation, WA; Rural City of Wangaratta VIC.

Serviceable Areas:

  • Australia-wide and most importantly at factory direct pricing. It matters not where you are, we will get the product to you or perhaps you have your own carrier to utilise. We will assist from your initial enquiry right through to despatch.


We invite all existing and prospective clients to view our full range of products, ideas and applications.

Contact Us for more information.

So, what is our Solution?

Plastic Recyclers Factory
Plastic Recyclers Factory

Stop post consumer/commercial waste plastic from reaching landfill by turning it into top quality, useful and practical products that can be purchased by the very people that disposed of it in the first place – you, the Consumer!

This is called ‘CLOSING THE LOOP’ and simply means that the more recycled products you buy, the more waste plastic we can stop from polluting our Environment.


The Key?

We have spent many years Researching and Developing the technology required.

All plastic is carefully sourced, screened and sorted before being processed into ‘granule’ form and then mixed to various ‘recipes’ before being finally turned into products.

This is done by using large machines called ‘Extruders’ which mix and heat the blended raw material in to a melted ‘plasticine’ consistency.

Plastic Recyclers Factory

The molten plastic is then forced under great pressure in to the various dyes or moulds which form the final shape of the product.

The moulds are then cooled in large cold water tanks until the plastic is set and cold and in this way, the ‘memory’ of the product is set and stays in shape for the rest of it’s long life.

Who can buy our products?

You can! We welcome your enquiry and depending on your requirements, we can supply you direct or advise you where to buy. We have agents Australia wide.

Our ‘Specialist Moulding Department
makes to order and produces a wide variety of products for many and varied applications.We may have the solution for you already in an existing product !

We welcome enquiries on 08 8359 7827
Click on ‘Specialist Mouldings’ for more information.

If you have large volumes of post production plastic and don't want to send it to landfill, give us a call and we will do our utmost to help find a solution. Contact us on 08 8359 7827 to discuss.

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Long Life Recycled Plastic Stakes

Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Kits

Product List

Recycled Plastic Curved Bench Seat
Recycled Plastic
Curved Bench Seats

Recycled Plastic Round Bollards
Recycled Plastic Round Bollards

Recycled Plastic 135mm Square Bollards
Recycled Plastic
135mm Square Bollards

Composite Car Park Wheel Stop
Post and Rail

Recycled Plastic Garden Edging 85mm x 35mm
Recycled Plastic Garden Edging 85mm x 35mm

Recycled Plastic Rectangular Bollard Post and Rail System
Recycled Plastic Rectangular Bollard Post and Rail System

Recycled Plastic Tree Guard Innovation
Recycled Plastic Tree Guard Innovation

Recycled Plastic Garden Edging Double Joined 85mm x 35mm
Recycled Plastic Garden Edging Double Joined 85mm x 35mm

Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Kit
Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Kit

Composite Car Park Wheel Stops
Composite Car Park Wheel Stops

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